11 ways your body tell you that your liver is being damaged!!!

11 ways your body tell you that your liver is being damaged!!!

One of the main organs in our body is the liver. His function is very useful to us. Digestion of food and the source of energy for our everyday function. In case when our liver has some interruptions while working, that is not good. It will slow down the function of each organ in our […]


How to Get Rid of Fat Around the Neck!!!

Obesity can be characterized by the fat on the neck. Beside the fact that it is something which is not comfortable for watching, fat is harmful. You need to exercise and eat healthy in order to eliminate the fat In this area. In addition to this post we are going to present you some exercises […]


How To Cleanse Your Colon By Removing 20 Pounds Of Toxic Waste!!!

  The colon can keep 10-20 pounds waste! This is the special feature of the colon. You have never thought about the stocks in the colon. Not especially that it can keep so much waste. So in order not to make problems to the colon, we need to eliminate the waste from our organism, and clean ourselves […]


Coronary Artery Disease Can Be Silent Killer!!!

The biggest problem of the arteries appears when the blood vessels which provide the hearth with blood, oxygen and other nutrients, are damaged. The presence of cholesterol deposit in the coronary arteries are responsible for arteries damage. When in the arteries are build some clogs, or plaque, it will make the blood flow more difficult, […]


What Causes Water Retention And How To Avoid It!!

Edema is the second name for condition called water retention. This condition may result with a lot of health issues, and most of them are serious. This is mostly associated with women. And retention of the liquids is linked with pregnancy or with menstrual cycle. Physical activity is the key term for this condition. In […]


7 Essential Oils That Balance Hormones & How To Use Them!!

All the people are affected by disorder of the hormones. The signs of this issue are weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, depression, often change of the mood, fertility problems. In case you have hormone imbalance, and it is not treated it can cause a lot of health issues, even can cause cancer or diabetes. In addition […]


7 Indications Of Overall Health Given By Your Hands!!

Hands are not only for working and writing. We need to pay attention to the condition of or arms. Most of the thing which are happening in our organism, issues and conditions can be demonstrated through our hands. We must know which conditions can be seen through our hands, and in addition to this post, […]



The nastiest experience that any human being can have is the bug bite. Bugs are all around us. We cannot avoid them, no matter how hard we try. Nowadays, there are a lot of chemicals on the market, which will help us to prevent the bugs bites, but not all of the function. Most of the bug […]