Sanford on presidential election: Trump will ‘fight this thing out to the end’

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCSC) – Former First District Congressman and South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford said Monday he expects a “prolonged” legal battle on the road to final results of the 2020 presidential race.

“I think you’ll see all the legal wrangling, some of which are necessary, some of which won’t be,” Sanford said. He said he expects some ballots to be discarded before the results become official.

But, he says, in the end, he expects that it won’t be enough to result in President Donald Trump winning a second term.

“But you know, his persona is that of a fighter, and he has been awfully pejorative for a long time of ‘people being losers,’” Sanford said. “And so the idea of him accepting the idea that he could be a loser, like the rest of us – we we all have feet of clay and to some extent, I would argue, we’re all losers. The idea of him putting that mantle and wearing it is going to not sit well so I think he’s just gonna fight this thing to the end.”

Sanford said he thinks a resolution that comes sooner rather than later would be healthy for the country.

“I think the longer you let this thing sit out there, the longer people will lock into different conspiracy theories, which I think are dangerous in the one thing that matters,” he said. “Any of us as elected office holders are interchangeable at the end of the day. Our founding fathers set up a system that was predicated on our trust in traditions and institutions that allowed for the tug of war of politics to go on. And what we’re doing if we don’t watch out is undermining people’s trust in the larger institution of free and fair elections and if you do that, we got real problems.”

But Sanford said he does not believe there is a “grand conspiracy” to defraud the electoral process.